Life and Leadership from Wind and Water

Here's a great stocking stuffer for the thinking sailor in your life. Annapolis sailor Melissa Deveney's Sail On: Insights About Life and Leadership from Wind and Water is comprised of 95 pages of bite-sized nuggets and poems of inspiration and lessons learned along the water. Taking her own inspiration from the sixth century Tao Te Ching, Deveney explores the dynamics of self-discovery and your interaction with your crew as you evolve as a sailor. Although the book may initially appear to be tailored to racing sailors, the lessons go much deeper and would appeal to any sailor who approaches his or her sport--and life--with passion.

sailonHere's a snippet on Being an Expert:

The wise sailor has learned
The art of unlearning.
Quieting the noisy mind
And relying on her senses.
Feeling when she's stalled
Sooner than analyzing trim and speed,
Seeing the header on her bow first,
Prior to reading it on a compass.

A true expert is too busy feeling
Her way around the course
To claim having infinite wisdom.

If you would like to meet the author, go to the Eastport YC tonight (December 11) at happy hour.

Books will be available for purchase at a 25% discount for EYC members and guests. Payments can be made in cash or with a credit card.

Next Thursday, December 19, the author will sign books at Annapolis Bookstore and Cafe.