14 Days of Christmas: Day Two

There are some horrible, HORRIBLE sailing movies out there. I'm looking at you, All is Lost. But there are some absolutely incredible sailing movies out there, as well. And that brings us to Day Two of our 14 Days of Christmas.

The documentary Deep Water looks into the 1968-69 Golden Globe Around the World Race. To say the race was drama-filled is an understatement: Bernard Moitessier decided to skip the finish line and keep going; Donald Crowhurst did what you cannot do in today's NSA-monitored world and fudged his logs (turns out, he isn't the only one fudging logs - thanks, Charles Doane). And if you're wondering, the film than All is Lost, but since it didn't star a Hollywood icon, no one ever brings it up.

You really have to watch this movie if you haven't. Better yet, get all your crew together and watch it on a Wednesday night this winter. It's riveting, it's frightening, it's so incredible that you won't be able to wait until April to put the boat in. Give it as a gift for Christmas and then plan a movie night together. You won't regret it, and you won't hear the end of it.