Bored on Your Commute?

Two Inspired Guys

Give us something to listen to for free


Longtime SpinSheet writer Andy Schell and his best friend Ryan Briggs have teamed up to launch free podcasts (available on iTunes) of hour-long interviews with sailors, adventurers, restauranteurs, athletes, authors and anyone else making a living by pursuing their passion.

The podcast itself is a passion project for Andy and Ryan; they do it for free, produce it themselves, and have a blast talking to people who inspire them. Listen to three hours of content with solo sailor Matt Rutherford, recently famous for his Solo the Americas voyage. Upcoming interviews are scheduled with ex-Volvo Ocean Race sailors Magnus Olsson (ex-Ericsson 3) and Andreas Hanakamp (ex-Team Russia) and more.

New episodes are published weekly and downloadable to your iPod or iPhone; they make great listening on long commutes!. Subscribe on iTunes or visit