Cartooning at Sea

cartooning at seaBelieve it or not, Jim Toomey isn’t the only cruising cartoonist. Sarah Steenland is cruising the Indian Ocean with her family and cartooning her way through the voyage.

WHO: Sarah Steenland

WHERE: Currently cruising Thailand.

BOAT: Sea Monkey / Morgan Out Island 41

ABOUT HER WORK: I freelance to all sorts of people and companies around the world. I don't think I could have done this type of work via a sailboat five years ago. Technology and the internet have made the location independent lifestyle possible and it's getting easier as it progresses at lightning speed. My plans for 2016 are to expend more into animation and to work more on my pet project with my two kids, 'The adventures of Sea Monkey' a comic book series for kids based off our real life adventures at sea.

CRUISING PLAN: We plan to hang around Southeast Asia for a few years because we love Asia. The food, culture, diversity plus there is still so much to see. Because I work remotely there is no rush to return to Australia, so that gives us the freedom to not have to rush to see the world. Look for updates here 

HOW IS IT WORKING FROM THE BOAT?: There are lots and lots of challenges working from the boat, not the most ideal place to run a business. Not to mention that I have my whole family on the boat full time, my husband and two kids under 10 that need to be schooled. Maintaining good wifi connection has also been challenging in areas of Asia and further out to sea.

INSPIRATIONS: I love making people laugh, but I'm not good at it in person. My gift is to create humour in my drawings and comics and if i can make someone’s day a little brighter through them, well that makes me very happy. Also, travelling by boat is a never ending source of inspiration.

~ by Cindy Wallach