Cool Navigation Tool for iPhone and iPad

CaptureHere's a cool navigation tool, an app for iPhones and iPads (soon to be Android & Mac computer friendly): the Marine Tool. Some features:

Nav Station with GPS and compass information. Current position. Speed over ground in knots, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, and meters per second. Course over ground from compass, magnetic and true north are shown. Accuracy information. Distance between GPS fixes. Altitude.

Course correction. To map from compass and from compass to map. Magnetic variation. Magnetic deviation. Leeway/wind effect. Current effect. Speed of advance estimated through a calculation that takes into account the current speed and direction comparing it to your course.

Distance between two GPS locations. Distance in knots, kilometers and miles. Initial and final compass bearing. Midpoint coordinates.

Wind conversion. Supports m/sek, knot, mph, km/h and Beaufort scale. With each wind condition comes a description; the expected wave height, sea and land conditions.

Time, distance and speed planner. Plan your route from the expected boat speed, target distance or time availability. Once you know 2 out of 3(time/distance/speed) Marine Tool calculates the last one for you.

Check it out here.

If you ever try such an app, find it to work really well, and want to share it with SpinSheet readers, send us a note!