Club Crabtowne Plans Fun Activities

Club Crabtowne

Club Crabtowne is an Annapolis ski, sports, and events club that has been organizing exciting events for over forty years.  

The next regular general meeting will be held Tuesday, May 23, at the Fleet Reserve Club at 100 Compromise Street in Annapolis, from 6 to 8 p.m. We will discuss the spring and fall bicycle trips and next year’s ski trips, which we voted on at our April 8 activities planning meeting.  

Simply join our club, and sign up for activities ranging from ski trips, biking, and hiking, to boating and cultural activities throughout the year. For detailed information, see Active-duty military personnel receive a one-year free membership. For community service, Crabtowne members are currently involved in local projects, such as the serving at the Light House Shelter and a maintaining our garden plot along the B&A trail.