Corinthian Non-Procrastinator Raftup

​​​​Catherine Stavely, Vicki and Greg Shea, and Dick Tudan


Non-Procrastinator Raft


By Rick O’Donnel

The Annapolis Fleet of The Corinthian Sailing Club got an early start on the water April 22-23, with five boats showing and sixteen members braving the nasty northeast winds and rain to raftup on Clements Creek. There was a convivial gathering to share and swap food, beverages, and sea-stories.The first arriving was Willoway, Valerie and Dick Tudan, followed by First Point of Aries, Denise Gill plus Cathy Stavely, and Rick O’Donnel crewing. Next was ErinBrie, Vicki and Greg Shea along with Jeanne and Ed Michels and Sharon Murray and her husband, Bill Reichhardt. Emerging later from the rain and mist, lovely Whisper with Lucy and John Herron. The Herrons sailed from the Magothy River. The final arrival was Southern Cross, Michael Zoll’s brand new Catalina that he and crew, Emma Jimmyer and Cynthia Pyron sailed from beyond Galesville on the West River, clearly the most daunting of bay treks that day. Members and crew caught up on winter diversions and planned for warmer weather activities afloat.

Lucy Herron and Denise Gill

Some skippers took advantage of the outing to complete commissioning tasks that are only possible with the boat afloat while others focused on enjoying the solitude and quiet provided by damp and dreary weather on the usually hectic Severn. However, in all cases, the group reaffirmed The Corinthians’ founding philosophy of skippers and crew sharing their capabilities and skills together to get out and enjoy time on the water. The next scheduled Annapolis event will be the New Member land/sea gathering hosted by Dick and Valerie Tudan on Mill Creek followed by the “Shakedown Cruise” rendezvous with the Philadelphia Fleet. It is shaping up to be a fun-filled season!

John Herron, Bill Reichhardt, Jeanne Michaels and Sharon Murray