A Jeanneau Sailboat Owners Party

How Many JSO Boats Does It Take to Make a Party?

Jeanneau Sailboat Owners
Jeanneau Sailboat Owners Association members Bill Hunsinger, Nancie Merritt, Mick and Susan Meckler, and Margaret and Ralph Marlett.

It is the third Saturday in June and time for another Jeanneau Sailboat Owners (JSO) event. The plan for June was this raft up at Eagle Cove behind Gibson Island on the Magothy River. The host boat, Wind Dragon, with Bill Hunsinger and Nancie Merritt arrived at the same time as Margaritaville with Ralph and Margaret Marlett. Ralph, having the larger boat, dropped anchor and Wind Dragon tied up next to her.

Several boats were expected to attend, but the forecast for high winds throughout the day and overnight caused some to drop out. The last of three boats to arrive was The Office with Susan and Mick Meckler. Once we were all in place and securely attached, the party began. We shared appetizers and sipped libations aboard Margaritaville. Even though the gathering was small, we had a lively time. Later in the evening we went below on Ralph and Margaret’s boat, similar to Susan and Mick’s, but larger than Wind Dragon.

We had a discussion about breaking apart for the night and anchoring separately due to the forecast of high winds, but we decided to remain rafted together. We felt protected in this anchorage and securely attached. And since the high winds never materialized overnight, we seem to have made the right decision. The weather was really lovely overall. Cool, but comfortable with low humidity; a good combination for any outdoor party, but even better for a boating party. Sleeping onboard could hardly have been better. We came together again in the morning for more chatting after breakfast. Around mid morning, we bid goodbye and sailed to our respective homeports.

JSO is a loosely structured club for Jeanneau sailboat owners. For more information about our club, click here.

By Nancie Merritt