Tartan Sailing Club Plans for 2018

Tartan raftup in Salt Works Creek

The Chesapeake Bay Tartan Sailing Club (CBTSC) will meet January 28 in Galesville, MD, to lay out the sailing calendar for 2018 and another great year of cruising and social activities. 

Already there are some exciting events proposed. Several of the events will be sailing weekends; some may offer the option of joining by car and meeting at a yacht club or restaurant, and some events, such as the “Southern Bay Cruise” will be extended cruises for those sailors that can go for two or more weeks of sailing. As always, we will have an Early Bird cruise, a cruise for our younger sailors, and cruises to St. Michaels and the Wye River. There may even be some light-hearted racing for those sailors that like a challenge.

If you are interested in joining the fun with CBTSC, call or text Paul Macpherson at (240) 271-7411 or email [email protected]