Early Osprey Sighting on the Magothy

 Osprey photo by Gary Reich

A little early... the first osprey sighting on the middle Bay from a reader! Here's the note we received today:

"I know you all want readers to report the first sighting of ospreys in the area in the spring. Today, (2/25/13), I was coming home from the store, and I heard the screech of an osprey. I came in the house and got my camera and went outside hoping to get a picture. The osprey was in my neighbor's tree. As soon as it saw me, it flew north toward the upper Magothy River. I couldn't get a shot but confirmed that it was an osprey.

We live close to the bridge over the Magothy River (Magothy Bridge Road), and I know that they settle in the woods along the upper river where it is very shallow and has few houses. Blue herons and bald eagles also nest there. We have lived here for 37 years, and this is the earliest I have seen an osprey. Come on spring!

~John Terpay, Pasadena, MD