Giving Thanks

 Thanks to Al Schreitmueller who sends SpinSheet terrific pictures all year long.

For my paddleboard. Friends who make me laugh. The new SLAM rain pants that got me through the Annapolis Sailboat Show. AIS iPhone apps. GPS to keep us from bumping in the mud, to guide us home in the fog. A windy August. Ginger beer. Davis’ Pub crab pretzel.

Steady 12-knot breezes. Blue herons. Time to sail. Passing and waving to friends out on the water. Strangers who wave as we spin the boat in Ego Alley. Eating grilled white corn, zucchini, and salmon in the cockpit as the sun sets. Sunny days. Stars. Anchoring “in the backyard” at Whitehall Bay. Morning reading time in the cockpit.

My family. My beau, my captain. Friends. Good health.

Race committee volunteers. Other volunteers: invitation-sending, auction-item-gathering, website-updating, ticket-collecting, crowd-directing volunteers and all others who make so many cool regional regattas and waterfront parties happen, season after season. Chesapeake sailors. Racers, cruisers, daysailors, circumnavigators, meanderers, old boat fixer-uppers, those on the pointy end: without your passion, I would be out of work.

SpinSheet writers and photographers who work for peanuts or nada: without your passion and time, the pages of the magazine would be blank. All who advertise in SpinSheet: without your support, there would be no pages. SpinSheet’s distribution team: without your hard work, we would all have to drive to a storage unit to pick up the magazine every month. SpinSheet readers. SpinSheet staffers (see “friends who make me laugh”).

Thanks to Chesapeake Bay sailors.

What are you thankful for this season?

Happy Thanksgiving!