Gunboat Rainmaker's Salvage Listing

One more chapter in the Gunboat Rainmaker Story... one that we hope will eventually see a happy ending.

Connecticut-based Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage has a new listing up: a 2014 55-foot Gunboat that was "dismasted during severe weather and abandoned."

It's unknown at this point whether the boat has been surveyed, but it's clear that a year of bouncing around the North Atlantic was not kind. However, Hugh Davidson, the Bermudan who towed the boat in to St. George's Harbor, noted that the winches are still on the boat, ripped out and dangling from their wires. Everything else is gone, though.

Cooper Capital states that "Atlantic Fabrication LLC made many of the original parts for this boat and is willing to speak to the buyer regarding outfitting the boat again." We're encouraged by their optimism.

Bidding starts at $15,000, with a deadline of September 6.

Click here to see the full listing. 

Rainmaker was abandoned at sea in early 2015. You can read her story here.