Jeff Porter, 99 Days

From SpinSheet reader Jeffrey Porter:

I picked up the November issue of Spin Sheet last weekend and noticed the Century Club Updates.  It reminded me that I needed to update my log and see how many days I have. I am not a live aboard, but my boat is my Annapolis home and I come over every weekend during season. I work remotely from my boat on Fridays and sail all weekend. Even with all those days aboard and sailing to Bermuda (A2B Race), I’ll just cross the 100 days on the water milestone this weekend, after I move my sailboat to her Winter slip. It’s been a busy season with Friday beer cans, raft-ups, several visits to both Rock Hall and St. Michaels, as well as selling and buying sailboats!  My girlfriend, Mary and I delivered my new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey from Deltaville to Annapolis (98 miles) after a quick sale of my old S2, appropriately named ‘Tipsy’.  My new sailboat is ‘Gypsy’.  The next one should be 'Tipsy Gypsy'! Anyways… Lift your glass and here’s to joining the Century Club! Like most things, it’s not as easy as it looks.