Thank you, America's Cup... Thank you, Annapolis

 Abner Kingman/ACEA

I just got back from watching the stellar finish of the America's Cup, one that won't soon be forgotten, at the Boatyard Bar & Grill.

I'll leave the formal race commentary to Cup experts... This AC's been a long haul, one for the history books as of today. And Wow.

As I wrote in my article about the LVC Finals I saw in San Francisco, "The Chesapeake at the Cup," enjoying the event as much as I did took me by surprise. I think I had read too much commentary and had become jaded in advance of seeing any of it. But really, any sailor with a pulse had to be excited by Oracle's comeback this week.

As I was standing (all one could do in that crowd) watching the final race, with a Brit and an Aussie behind me, a Kiwi up front (sorry bout that), and a hundred-plus USA fans shoulder to shoulder, I agreed with a comment I heard behind me when Oracle foiled up and flew a hull, "Now who can say that's not spectacular?!"

What I was thinking was what a true privilege and pleasure it was to be in a crowd of sailors for this event. The guys behind me should get paid to make commentary--funny and informed sailing commentary. Forty minutes of Boatyard madness made my day. Spectacular. So thank you, AC, for reminding me how thrilling the cutting edge of our sport can be. Thank you, Annapolis, for being the sailing-crazy town you are.