Jim Kevern and Ann Ducca Onboard Ubiquitous

Background - I took the boat down to the Virgin Islands starting October 2013, and left Puerto Rico beginning of April and came back through the Bahamas in the company of Hurrah much of the time.

January 28 days

Hosted Ann's Sister, then my son and grandson, then my other son and his wife.  Learned a bit what it's like to run a crewed charter, having to turn the boat around, clean, provision, do laundry, all in 10 hours.

Were underway every day except Jan 2, 13, and 24.

Feb 24 days

Noticed a batten poking through the main after sailing to Christmas Cove, so next day took dingy to St. Thomas Yacht Club for lunch. Who happened to be there?  Peter Holmberg.  So I asked him for recommendation on sailmaker & he was quite engaging, asking which batten, what kind of boat, where were we, etc.  He put us on to great local sailmaker.  Next day we took the main off, removing 4 full battens, got it into the dingy & back to the club to drop it off.  So I'm guessing we hung on the ball Feb 6,7,8 but probably dingied to the club once more during that time.  And I think that's when I got out the sandpaper and varnish & attended to the toe rail.  Seems if working on the boat on the hard counts, working on it while on a mooring ball in the Virgin Islands would also count.

Raced in the "Sweethearts of the Caribbean" regatta (finished 2nd by 15 secs, beat 3rd place by 15 minutes) As I remember, we worked our way up to North Sound and spent maybe a week at anchor there, going by dingy ashore for happy hour several times.  Let's say there were 4 days just hanging on the boat that don't count.

March figure 13 days.

Entertained another guest touring south coast of St. Johns.  Also flew to AZ to care for my Dad for 10 days.  Finished the month at Fajardo, PR.  Pretty sure this was the month I had to rebuild the anchor windlass.  8 days underway.  Plus figure 5 days "working on the boat"

April  28 days

Left Fajardo last day of march for our march through the Bahamas.  4 day passage to Mayaguana, then daily either moving or dingy travel except for 2 nights at marina in Harbour Island, Eleuthra.  Arrived in Wrightsville Beach, NC April 30 after another 4 day passage. (Note, Ann prefers passages to be no more than 2 days, just for the record.  We need a faster boat) May 12 Days Engine leaking oil, so went out around Hatteras to avoid having to motor the waterway.  Arrived back in Annapolis May 8.  Raft up later in May with Sabre group at Langford Creek.

June 2 days on water, figure other 5 days working, total 7 days Dingy & kayak with grandson during his 2 week visit.  Many days working on the boat to get her ready to sell.

July 4 days

Out on Ubiquitous for 4th July fireworks, thence to Harness Creek to anchor and rent water toys.  Received contract to sell Ubiquitous middle of August.

August 3 days

Our last hurrah on Ubiquitous - sailed to Sabre rendezvous on Wye River.  Sea trial by new owner a day or two after we returned.

Sept 5 days

Out on Moltobene to watch Blue Angels & 2014 celebration fireworks.

Saga 43 delivery from Ct.

Oct 8 days

Two more Saga 43 deliveries,NYC, & here to GA Nov 1 day Started charter in BVI Dec 6 days Joined friends on a 45 ft crewed catamaran.  Why can't we do this all the time?  Oh, yeah, it was a couple thousand $ just for food.


Ann Ducca 123 days

Jim Kevern 134 days