Lynn Schoenbaum, 100 Days on the Water

The Sail Nauticus volunteer made it a point to take others with her when she was out sailing. Congratulations, Lynn!

Jan (2)

5     First sail of the year!! w/ Sue

26   w/ Frank

Feb (1)

4     w/ Frank


4     w/ Katherine

10   help get boats ready (masts   down, move, rerig)

17   sailed w/ Frank to bring Spanky (Colgate 26) back to Norfolk

21   Sock Burning and Open house

22   w/ Erika

23   race w/ Grant (1st)

25   worked on Spanky, and sailed (solo on Harbor 20)

30   race w / LuAnn (3rd)

31   worked on boat w/ Ryan


2    w/ Sean and Rose….Birthday Surprise member

4    w/ Frank

6    race w/ Grant (1st)

7    w/ Risa R

9    Social Sail

10  w/ Thomas

11  race w/ Will (1st)

13  race w/ Grant (1st)

15  w/ Thomas

16  w/ Thomas

17  w/ Thomas

18  w/ Grant

21  Ladies Night w/ LuAnn and Kim

23  w/ Thomas and Sara

24  race Barnacle w/ Grant (1st)

25  Open House

27  race w/ Grant (1st)

28  w/ Don and Natalia from radio station 101.3 2WD

29  w/ Scott and Thomas

30  w/ Michael and Thomas


3    w/ Thomas

4    race w/ Grant (1st)

5    Full Moon Sail

6    Motorboat w/ Peter

8    race Barnacle w/ Grant

9    Open House

11  w/ Thomas and Adam on Nautigal (Marlow Hunter 33).  Watched the Carnival cruise

ship leave Norfolk

12  w/ Thomas

13  w/ new SN intern,  Barbrianna

14  w/ Laura  evening sail w/ Autumn and Mike

17  w/ Thomas

18  w/ reporter from Miami

19  helped Ryan move the boats back to SN, from Waterside

20  practiced headers and lifts w/ Scott

22  w/ Lauren and Sue

23  w/ Jim and Sue

25  w/ Grant

26  w/ Thomas and Sue

27  w/ Susan K

28  w/ Brandon and Sharon

30  w/ Grant

31  w/ Thomas and Brandon


1   race w/ Michael S (7)

2   w/ Thomas

4    Social Sail

5    Harborfest Parade of Sail w/Grant

6    w/ Yang and Suping    2nd sail w/ Grant

7    w/ Grant

8    w/ Ryan    2nd sail race w/ KC

9    w/ Crystal

10  lesson w/ KC     2nd sail w/Lauren

17  w/ Kathryne and Jackie

19  w/ Lauren   2nd sail w/ Thomas

20  w/ Lauren and Kevin

21  open house

22  race w/ Frank and KC (1st)

23  w/ Trudy and Sue

24  w/ Scott

25  w/ Lauren and guests

26  w/ Thomas

27  w/ Ashley and John

28  w/ Charles and Mary on J 40

29  race w/ Grant (4th)

30  Ladies Night w/ Joy and Mary


1    Full Moon sail w/ Lauren and guests

2    Sail about with Grandmother and 3 kids   2nd sail w/ Lauran

3    race  Barnacle  w/ Grant (won by 2 sec)

6    race w/ Grant (1st)

7    Ladies Night w/ Peggy, Heather, Clarissa and Jeannie

8    w/ Scott and son

9    w/ Jason, Gracie and Lily

10  race Barnacle w/ Grant (won 1st by 105.2 sec)

12  w/ George

13  race w/ Grant (1st)

14 Sail About with Bri and Patrick...  birthday gift for him.

15  w/ Ryan

16  Sail About w/ Patrick

17  race Barnacle w/ Grant (3rd )

18  Sail About w/ John and friends

19  Sail for SN donors w/ Grant

20  race w/ Grant (2nd)

21  Ladies Night w/ Sue

22  w/ Doug and Fred

23  w/ Yang and Supin

24  race Barnacle w/ Grant (3rd)

25  w/ Brandon and Thomas

26  w/ Thomas, Adam and Jen

27  w/ Steph, Don, Grant, Steve, Stephen, Maren, Michael, Thomas, Adam, Frank, Crystal, Branden and Fred   (with 5 boats on the water, we played a game of keep away with a tennis ball, and sailed a few fun races)