Michael Christman, 119 Days (and counting)

Technically, the SUP'er and sailor reached 100 days back in September. He writes to us:

"While I spend time racing and sailing here in Annapolis I spend most of my water time on my sup. Over the last couple of years I have formed the habit of counting and tracking the sup days on the water much like skiers count their days on the slopes.  Back on Sept 11th I reached 100 days on my sup for 2015 and can verify the days if needed as I use MapMyFitness to keep track - not to mention with a sharpie on the tail (see pic).

"As of today I am at 119 days - not counting the days on OPBs (other peoples boats) as well as nursing my old Catalina back to sailing shape.  Most of my paddling is on the Severn but I've been lucky this year to surf in Assateague as well as collecting some sessions in Florida.  As my running days are over being on my old Naish keeps me fit as well as keeps me connected to the water that makes this such a great town - even if I have to break some ice to get out in the winter!"