Chris Smith onboard Pearson Ariel Firefly

Chris Smith and his wife spent the winter onboard their 1966 Pearson Ariel Firefly, traveling to the Florida Keys and back from their home port in Virginia.

"I grew up sailing small boats on Long Island Sound/central NJ lakes. After getting our feet wet on the Rappahanock River aboard our 16 ft day-sailor, my wife and I spent two years getting an old Pearson Ariel ready for a trip down the ICW...spent about 6 months traveling to the Keys and back, and have been enjoying exploring our home turf of Mobjack Bay since we returned." The Smiths captured their adventures with a fun blog, The Bonnie Boat: Misadventuring in Epoxy. They're now back home, adjusting to the pace of life on land:

Upon our return to Mobjack Bay, we had a wonderful reunion with family, were spoiled by the hospitality of friends, and were warmed by the company of all. Cause all of a sudden it got pretty damn cold. And then, I went back to work, my wife began looking for work, we moved into a new house, we bought furniture. At times it feels like we never left. Some nights I still wake up to check the anchor. In our bed in our house. Cut the lights…

The Smiths haven't abandoned Firefly, though. You can follow their Instagram posts here. As of late June, Chris Smith had 65 days on the water.