Quantum Key West Race Week Day Two Results, Photos, and More

Well, we had the good, the bad, and the really, really ugly.

All pictures are courtesy of T2P.tv. Orion suffered a rig failure during the first race of the day and is out for the rest of the week. The actual cause is still under investigation, but we'll update when more information is available. We're sorry for Paul Milo and his crew and are very happy that no one was hurt. 

And on to Tuesday! What a BANNER day. Winds were 15-20 out of the east, providing some of the best sailing conditions anyone could have asked for. 



Within the TP52 fleet, Terry Hutchinson and Greg Gendell got back in the game with 2-1 finishes on Quantum Racing for the third and fourth race. After a more difficult first day, this puts them just one point behind first place boat, Platoon, who had a disappointing 6-6 for the day. Within this fleet, though, it's anybody's regatta to win. There are enough Olympians, VOR racers, America's Cup alums, and college sailing champions to make a really great reality TV show, if you ask us. 

In the J/111 fleet, Rob Ruhlman and tactician Allan Terhune are doing a great job of keeping themselves at the top of the fleet. Marty Roesch had a deep-fleet finish for the end of the day, but we are hoping they come back strong and rested. 

Speaking of being rested, we spoke with Jahn Tihansky, who is down racing on Nigel Brownett's Hogfish Racing, a Flying Tiger. They had a second place finish on Day One, but weren't worried. "Would have preferred a first... but hey! I'm in Key West!" Tihansky told us. "These are good guys who beat us for the day." Tihansky and crew managed to come back strong on Tuesday with two first place finishes. They're currently in first place with a four-point lead over the next boat. 

With Orion at the bar for the rest of the week (ha), Ian Hill's Sitella is going to have to clean up in ORC. Sitella is having a great regatta, finishing yesterday with a second-place, and is in contention for a podium finish. 

In the J/70s, Corinthian Henry Filter and Kristen Robinson are having great regattas, while Zeke Horowitz, Thom Bowen, Wilson Stout, and Gannon Troutman are all duking it out for a shot at the top ten. 

We'll have more photos and videos throughout the day, so check back regularly.