Stitching History at Fort McHenry

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This Independence Day, the city of Baltimore will host an event to celebrate the role Baltimore played during our country's struggle for independence. Join your fellow patriots as well as the Maryland Historical Society at Fort McHenry National Monument and Shrine to kick off a project to create an authentic reproduction of the original 30 x 42 foot Star-Spangled Banner. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake will be making the first stitch to this historical recreation that will take 6 weeks to complete. The finished product will make its first appearance on September 12, Defenders Day, at Fort McHenry before joining the original flag (shown above) and the original Star-Spangled Banner manuscript penned in Francis Scott Key's hand at the Smithsonian in Washington in 2014.

 Courtesy of Laura Rodini

The remake will be created using authentic materials and the same stitching techniques used by Mary Pickersgill, the driving force behind the original flag. Over 100 Skilled quilters and volunteers recruited by the Maryland Historical Society will race to complete this marathon task over the next six weeks. The aim is to recreate the flag within the same time frame used by Pickersgill and four others over 200 years ago.

The Festivities start at 11:40 a.m. with the Fort McHenry Fife and Drum Corps leading a procession around the island fortress. During the parade, they will carry the flag materials for the crowd to see as they march their way to the flagpole where the original banner flew. In addition to the unveiling of the materials, two other 30 x 42 foot, 1812 era flags will be unfurled to the sound of canon fire and celebration. Other activities include children's activities, men and women dressed in 1812 regalia interacting with the crowds, festive red, white and blue bunting decorating the Fort, and singing at the Historic Tavern Tent. Be sure not to miss one of the most patriotic events this summer and a chance to become part of history!

For more information on the event or to read more about the project, visit Stitching History