Brace Yourselves

Sandy_536x700According to sources at the Associated Press, weather forecasters are predicting that a new storm may hit the East Coast late next week.


The National Weather Service's forecast center in College Park, MD, which watches winter storms, put out a long-range notice November 1 saying a Nor'Easter was possible for the mid-Atlantic and New England states between November 6 and 9, with Wednesday and Thursday predicted to be the worst days.


Forecasters think it won't be as bad as Superstorm Sandy. But it could include snow, some beach erosion, high winds, and more rainfall for areas hit by Sandy. Forecasters will be watching the models over the next few days and fine-tuning their predictions.


The same European computer model that first noticed and correctly called Superstorm Sandy a week in advance has forecast this potential Nor'Easter to come along the East Coast and then hit." adds Sullivan.


"Unlike Sandy, this newer storm doesn't have a tropical component. This would be a normal wet storm coming through land in the Southeast United States and going into the water, combining with cold air coming south from the Great Lakes and then curving back into the mid-Atlantic," says Sullivan.


"The same high pressure system that blocked then-Hurricane Sandy from heading north and east out to sea like most tropical systems is likely to be part of the steering system that would take this storm inland to the same area Sandy struck," adds Jeff Masters, meteorology director for Weather Underground.


The National Weather Service's hydrometeorological prediction center forecast: