The America's Cup Comes to Annapolis

1-Penfolds-HomeWell, parts of it are coming to Annapolis. Good parts!

First off, Skipper Jimmy Spithill is going to take a break in what has been a very busy media run (see here, here, and here)to come to Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits on Thursday, October 10, between 3 and 5 p.m. It's a great chance to get a bottle of wine autographed by the America's Cup skipper, and I mean, as corny as that sounds at first, how cool of a present would that make? The event is free but space is limited, and we expect a decent-sized crowd. We're attending, and we're bringing basically everyone we've ever met. So, you know, anticipate a line.


If you want a chance to hob-nob with Jimmy and DRINK wine, not just buy it, head over to the Severn Inn on Friday for a multiple course dinner and wine pairing, sponsored by Penfolds. Tickets are $179 each, but again, it's multiple courses with wine pairings. And Jimmy Spithill. It's worth it.


AC72 rudderMaybe you're not into celeb appearances. Maybe you're more about the technological advances, the construction of the boats, the nuts and bolts details that went into the AC72. Come by the Mack Boring booth during the Sailboat Show (#A-31) to check out a rudder that was on one of the AC72 racing catamarans. The rudder will stand in the Mack Boring booth for the duration of the show, and you're encouraged to bring your camera down, get the kids to crawl all over it, make a general scene, what have you.

If you want more Jimmy Spithill AND the chance to look deeper into the boat's technology, check out the IAmA he did with Reddit. 

An excerpt:

[–]lichelle12 3 points ago

Hey Jimmy ... I am not interested in sailing, but am now after watching the cut throat race with ETNZ - I was on the edge of my seat shouting at the TV!!! I cried when we lost ... Do you see/socialise with Dean when you are in NZ?

[–]JSpithill[S] 8 points ago

I'm not expecting a Christmas card