Unpacking Frostbiting: JWorld Weighs In

timthumbOur friends over at JWorld Annapolis have a great blog series that explores common issues in frostbite racing. Most recently, they're looking at obstructions, which cause all types of foulies to get up in a bunch.

"It is important first to understand both what the rule actually says and unpack the definitions within each rule. Fortunately, the rulebook makers have made this easy by placing relevant definitions in the rule book as well as italicizing the words used within the rule that are specifically defined by the rules.  I am already starting to sound like a sea lawyer. If you don’t already have a current rule book you can go to the ISAF website and download a handy study guide version in PDF form. You can also go to the US Sailing rules website and get the same information including US Sailing prescriptions."

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