VOR Virtual Regatta Starts Wednesday: Sign Up Now!

Are you signed up to play the Virtual Regatta Volvo Ocean Race? We are! And we've teamed up with the VOR to host a contest for the local virtual fleet. Simply register your boat, then email [email protected] and let us know your boat's name. You can also "friend" us in the game (our boat is creatively named SpinSheet) and we'll keep track of you there.

The second leg starts on Wednesday, November 19, in Cape Town. If you aren't virtually present to start the race,don't worry: your boat will leave by itself following your instructions. Take some time now to prepare your course, study the weather, set your alarm(s), and prepare your provisions!

Know the course!

There are only three marks on the course: from Cape Town to Abu Dhabi, you'll have to leave Madagascar, Mauritius, and the Omuz mark to port. The approximate distance is 6125 nm.

Good luck to all!