Wednesday Night From 300 Feet

 Photo by Gary Reich


Thanks to Monumental Helicopters out of Tipton Airport near Fort Meade, MD, we were treated last night to a spectacular view of the Annapolis Yacht Club Wednesday Night Racing series on the Severn River. The company offers weekly flights out to the races aboard one of its two Robinson R44 helicopters, a perfect platform for seeing the world from a different viewpoint.

We took off from Tipton at around 6 p.m., and the 20-nautical mile straight shot took us only about 10 minutes once we cleared the flight pattern at the airport. Our pilot, Capt. Chris Noel, flew us out, and then down and into Annapolis where we watched the second set of many starts go off. We were hoping to get lower into the action, but light winds prevented us from descending into the racing action... and creating our own breeze to the races. Our vantage point was about 300 feet above the bleached and carbon-black sails.

After that, we cruised up Back Creek to spy SpinSheet world headquarters before heading back to Tipton Airport. The flights last 45 or 60 minutes and are quite a thrill with the doors taken off the flying machine for better photographic views. You can book your adventure by going online to