Wrecking 8 Million Dollar Boats

Hang On, Spidey! We're Comin to Get You...

 72-foot catamaran after pitchpole.<br />Photo Courtesy Guilain Grenier/Oracle Team

“When we sailed the big boat event, there was a lot of talk about whether you were better to jump or to hang on. But you’re hanging 90 feet in the air, that’s a long way to fall. At that point, it was better to hang on and dangle and wait for someone to come get you rather than trying to save yourself."

Just one of many safety aspects of these crazy America's Cup cats brought up by this article AC72 Capsizes: Risks and Preparation

I must admit, I had tuned out of so much America's Cup chatter for a long time, because I was so turned off by the ongoing legal battles and ginormous egos, all having nothing to do with my ideas about sailing.... But now, I can't seem to keep my eyes off these boats. Would you like to take a ride on one or what? Exciting stuff!

Thanks to Scuttlebutt for bringing this article to my attention.

Check out this video below: