"I was starting to get concerned because we had gone from a performance run where you push the boat to ultimately somewhat of a survival situation for the second half of the trip."...
Photo of the Supermoon by Mark Bandy taken on November 13, 2016.
You want to be outside at roughly 5:30 this evening to see the Mega Supermoon, the closest the moon has been in the last 68 years. Photo by Mark Bandy of East of Maui Watersports.
Their Soft Shell Crab and Crab Cake Sandwiches were selected as some of the best sandwiches in the country.
Now that we're done voting, for Election Day 2016, we here at SpinSheet are electing to only click on things that make us happy or make us laugh.
Election Day Distraction #2: The 1980 Disco World Finals