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Welcome to the SpinSheet Crew Finder. We created this free online service to match boats looking for crew with crew looking for boats across the Chesapeake Bay. First, create a searchable profile based on whether you are looking for crew or looking for a boat. Then, detail whether you're a racer and/or cruiser, competitive or casual, need or have experience, and where/when you would like to sail. Once you're done, search our database by that criteria to see who matches up!

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This is not a dating service, though rumor has it that matches have been made in the past. What’s more likely to happen is that you will find someone who really just wants to go sailing! Please be honest about your sailing skills, interests, and availability. Before you go sailing with someone you found through the listings, meet on dry land and make sure you want to try sailing together. You wouldn’t get married on a first date, would you? (Maybe try this: You wouldn’t take a job before the interview, would you?)

When you find the right crew or the right boat, let us know. We want to hear your success stories and share them with other SpinSheet readers. Email us at [email protected]. And, most importantly, get out sailing early and often!