The SpinSheet Racing Team

SpinSheet Racing Team



You must participate in:
One series.
One charity regatta.
One volunteer day.
Two distance or multi-day regattas.
Three other regattas.



All regattas must take place on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay or its immediate tributaries. You do not have to be racing the same boat for every race or regatta.

One series: You need to sign up for some form of series racing. This may be your standard beer can racing, or it may be a social league. It can be one-design fleet racing on your own boat, or it can be match racing using club boats. But sign up and make sure you go regularly. We don’t track attendance, but you need to show your face to develop your game.

One charity regatta. Sailors have the chance to give back to their communities, from leukemia patients to recovering warriors, while doing something they love. Get involved and help make a difference in the world from the comfort of your cockpit.

One volunteer day. You’ll quit complaining about race committee once you see how very difficult it is to do it well. Offer to head out on the mark boat. Offer to man the ticket booth or bartend at a charity regatta. Organize a cleanup or planting day your marina, or take your kids down to the water to pick up trash. The important thing is contributing to the community.

Two distance or multi-day regattas. The Chesapeake offers some of the best regattas in this respect, from the Down the Bay Race to Southern Bay Race Week. These regattas often take up an entire weekend, but any sailor will attest that the organization and preparation for them take much longer. Choose two and use the rest of your events to get yourself (and your crew) ready.

Three other regattas. Choose any other Bay regattas. There are scores of them listed in the pages of our calendar and online. You need to race in three of them to be counted.

Prizes: It’s time for you to get recognized for all the racing you’re doing. We’ll have regular drawings for prizes for those who are participating, everything from photos to gear to services.

Extra Credit: Deliver the boat to a destination regatta. Raise money for a charity regatta. Participate in a regatta off the Chesapeake Bay.