2019 Summer Cover Contest

If you have ever seen a magazine cover and thought, “I can do better than that,” here is your chance to prove it. Enter the 2019 SpinSheet Summer Cover Contest. The winning image will be on the cover of the August issue, and the winner will receive a SpinSheet tee shirt and bragging rights.

Here's How It Works: 

  • Deadline for photo submission is July 15th.  We will then select finalist and open up the contest to public voting. 
  • Vertical photos work best, with room for our header and cover lines.
  • We prefer images of people on sailboats having fun on the Chesapeake Bay. Remember, it’s the summer cover contest, so no frostbite or fall foliage pics, please!
  • We choose clear images over blurry ones and photos with level horizons over crooked ones.
  • Did we mention we prefer pictures of smiling sailors? Grab your crew, tilt the camera to make a vertical shot, have them strike a fun pose, and snap away!
  • Your contest entry will subscribe you to our monthly newsletter. 


Six Tips for Photographers

1. We accept photo submissions all year long. We ALWAYS prefer people pictures, so get your crew together in the cockpit (even if at the dock) and have them smile!

2. Send photos to [email protected] anytime. If there are more than three of them, you may consider using a photo sharing platform such as dropbox or yousendit.

3. For cover photos, we prefer vertical photos. Horizontal ones must be cropped to fit the cover shape.

4. Make sure to leave room at the bottom and at the top for our headers and footers. It’s always best to have a photo that we could crop if need be.

5. People often send us pictures of sunsets and sunrises—and they go out of their way to get the boat (winches or dodgers) out of the photo. It’s actually best to keep some of the boat in the frame to show that you’re on a boat!

6. If you go on vacation, bring SpinSheet along to read on the plane—and don’t forget to take a picture of yourself holding one with a special landmark in the background. We love these photos


For questions please email [email protected]