News for and about cruising sailors, their regional clubs and club directory, the 100-day SpinSheet Century Club challenge, and favorite sailing destinations on the Chesapeake Bay.

There’s something magical about a national park you can sail into and anchor in. Los Haitises National Park, in a remote part of northeastern Dominican Republic, is one such park...
Taking the helm of a sailboat for the first time is a feeling like no other.
This year’s The Corinthians Association Chesapeake Bay Fleet shakedown cruise delivered on all counts.
Chesapeake Bristol Club membership is open to all who enjoy sailing. The club is a social and sailing club with no clubhouse, a year-round calendar of events, and minimal cost of...
The Sailing Club, Inc. owns no property, no boats, no building. We rent what we need and have traveled all over the world utilizing safe and well-maintained sailboats as bareboat...
Chesapeake Sailing Clubs are making the most of the long summer days. Here is an update from the Hunter Sailing Association Station-1.
Spend an additional half the purchase price of a used boat and expect to double my cruising pleasure? Hear me out.
Raft up with your boating friends! Here are some tried and true tips from cruising sailors with lots of rafting experience.
Pentagon Sailing Club offers adventure, camaraderie, sail training, and moments of serenity amidst the chaos of the world.