Andy Schell is a Chesapeake Bay success story, but if you want to talk to him you’d better have a Skype account. He could be anywhere.
You never want to go into cold water. But what exactly would happen if you did? A video issued by the National Water Safety Congress shows how the body responds.
Corinthian member Mike Upton (left) was recognized for years of outstanding contributions to the fleet.
At the Corinthians Annapolis Fleet Bah! Humbug! event several members received recognition of their commitment.
Potomac River Racing Council Champions 2016
The Potomac Yacht Racing Council (PYRC) hosted eight local regattas counting toward the Potomac River championship 2016. 
Dickerson Owners Association member Joe Slavin
Meet the Dickerson Owners Association's own Sampson Post, Joe Slavin.