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When the "X" marks an incoming hurricane on the map, a cruising sailor contemplates his next strategic moves for riding it out.
Sailboat crewing opportunities beyond home can be found surprisingly easily, yet you must do your homework beforehand.
Specialty sails, onboard weight, trimming upwind, and downwind technique for light wind cruising sailing. ~By David Flynn of Quantum Sails
How one couple prepared to cast off their lines for a long term cruise and resources for you to do so, too. ~By Cindy Wallach
Just as in the rest of life, being true to yourself when cruising brings the most happiness, even if you are a little different from the mainstream.
A cruise to Charleston among friends, mixed conditions along the way, exciting sails, stargazing at anchor, and a journey to remember.
The BayWoods Yacht Club became an instant hit with a sold-out Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating sailing event, a big-boat three-day charter, a radio-controlled...
Register for the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) annual Chesapeake Bay GAM at Maryland Yacht Club.
After 10 years of bluewater sailing, I've come to understand that caution is good, but the voices (in my head) are often wrong. Everything will be okay once I get in there. If not,...