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Starlink is not just a new way to communicate at sea; it’s truly a game changer in so many ways. Starlink is the world’s first and largest cluster of satellites using low earth...
Fuel filter changes are essential for keeping our iron gennies running smoothly. Fuel quality is fundamental to preventing unexpected breakdowns and extending the life of your engine.
It was time to heave to. Waves crashed over the decks, one barreling across the foredeck with enough force that I had to check to make sure I still had a dinghy. It felt as if I had...
As a Chesapeake couple learns on their first offshore passage together, a smooth sea does not make for a skilled sailor. ~by Jessica Morrison
Sailors sometimes like to pretend that our engines don’t exist, but regular maintenance, especially oil changes, are essential to making sure our engines are the fail-safe that we...
How liveaboards and long-term cruisers can create and tend an herb garden on a sailboat.
The US Virgin Islands (USVI) are a nice home base away from home for many sailing cruisers and expats.
The trails and tribulations of an offshore sailing crew heading to the USVI in December on a 54-foot sailboat. ~by Lou Frank
Sponsoring OCC boats in the Chesapeake has been a great way to meet fellow bluewater cruisers.