News for and about cruising sailors, their regional clubs and club directory, the 100-day SpinSheet Century Club challenge, and favorite sailing destinations on the Chesapeake Bay.

A typical week onboard for a liveaboard sailor deep into the winter on the Chesapeake Bay. ~By TJ Butler
While San Francisco Bay is the largest estuary on the West Coast, several facts size up our Chesapeake as being far superior compared to its California counterpart.
SpinSheet will partner with Mark Thornton of LakeErieWX Marine Weather for a three-part webinar on Chesapeake Bay Thunderstorms.
Learning to sail at the same time she learned to walk gave Melanie Neale all the material she needed to write her memoir, “Boat Girl.”
The Herrington Harbour Sailing Association Women's Cruise was a time to improve cruising skills and an opportunity to connect with some amazing women sailors.
There are few places I have visited that are as magical as French Polynesia. Our sailing adventure started at the Sunsail base on the island of Raiatea, where we rented a 38-foot...
We provide our own skippers and crew, plus we organize, provision, and navigate our trips, which usually occur twice yearly. For cruises in February and early March, we choose warmer...
Here is the tale of two adventurous souls, newly married, and now on a joint venture of sailboat searching and discovery of each other’s tastes and styles.
Provisioning means acquiring food (and sundries), and it’s an expression generally used by charterers, whether sailing or powerboating.