Sailing programs for veterans on the Chesapeake Bay offer highly impactful on-water experiences for those who have served our country and their families and friends.
Learn about some of the options to try sailing before you invest in a formal weekend sailing program.
After sailing out of Annapolis as a guest on a beautiful sailboat, county executive Steuart Pittman started thinking about buying a boat for his family.
Youth Sailing Virginia has appointed Jacob Raymond as its first executive director.
Renowned artist Walt Bartman finds the natural beauty of Tilghman Island his favorite spot from which to paint. 
When no club event was planned, but beautiful weather was forecast, one of our sailing club members shot a quick email to other members to see if we could pull together an impromptu...
We had sailed to Bequia in the Grenadines, a chain of islands in the Windward Isles that group together as one country under St. Vincent.
A hard fought victory by the  American Magic team in the first “official” America’s Cup...
Weems  & Plath has provided quality, time-tested yet innovative nautical instruments since 1928. An annual tent sale takes place each October in Annapolis.