We’re survivors, right?
Quantum's video series will go on Facebook Live starting today, so click here for the week's schedule. 
Covid-19 forces cancellation of preliminary AC World Series Events
Where the crew positions itself is a huge component of boat speed on every point of sail.
Based on years of hearing the legend of sock burning, told a bit differently by salty Eastport sailors, here’s SpinSheet editor Molly Winans’s imagining of it.
Updates on Chesapeake waterfront events as well as some business news that may benefit regional sailors.
SpinSheet Crew Parties, happy hours, and how we intend to stay connected with and for you and get you out sailing sooner rather than later.
Used boat review for the Jeanneau Deck Saloon (DS) 42, a good option to the traditional center or aft cockpit cruising design. ~by Tarn Kelsey
With all this talk of quarantining, viruses, and “social distancing,” we’re reminded that we go sailing...