Here are the correct responses to our February "Sailor Speak" crossword puzzle from page 86 of the February 2019 SpinSheet.
David Flynn of Quantum Sail Design discusses tack-to-tack speed differences and how you can overcome them and adjust accordingly.
Looking for a boat to sail on? Need some crew?
Has your child outgrown the younger kids' programs? There are sailing programs geared specifically for teens.
Questions to ask and things to consider as you sign your child up for sailing programs and camps.
Safety Series part 2: Twelve expert tips for a crew safety briefing before you leave the dock.
Want to enhance your racing performance on the water? Here are nine tips from mental performance coach and racer Dr. Tim Herzog.
A Bay People article by Jerry McCann from 2007 about Northern Bay sailmaking legend Dudley Boycott (1931-2018).