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Despite a second-place finish in Saint Tropez, Spithill and his SailGP Team USA are well-placed in the league’s overall standings
Four ideas to get sailboat racers to sign up for your regatta: try something new, get someone new to run your race, try something wacky, and work your butt off
Southern Chesapeake Bay big boat racers signed up to go “race like dinghies” in a championship regatta: short races and back-to-back-to-back-starts and finishes through the six...
Borrowing from a San Francisco favorite sailboat race, CCV Racing started an exciting new race called the Triple Tunnel Terror.
The AYC Two Bridge Fiasco, a single and doublehanded race that runs around marks at two bridges, in any direction you choose, was a big hit for sailboat racers... again! 
SailGP’s Team Fails To Win Final Race But Sees Improvement
CCV Racing introduces a new, fun sailboat race July 24 that will be similar to San Francisco's Three Bridge Fiasco and AYC's Two Bridge Fiasco.
The Olivia Constants Team Race Invitational will be held on Saturday July 24 and Sunday July 25 at the Severn Sailing Association (SSA) in Eastport
Legendary Southern Bay sailor Sled Shelhorse and his team aboard Meridian XI finally captured line honors in the Down the Bay Race.