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A hard fought victory by the  American Magic team in the first “official” America’s Cup...
A winner-take all preliminary regatta staged in Vilanova, Spain on September 14-17 begins the race toward the America's Cup more than a year away.
Chesapeake racing sailor Kathy Parks served on the race committee at the Dillon Open and shared her wonderful experience… makes you...
Slop and chop isn’t the most fun, but it is one of the more challenging conditions racing sailors can experience.
Get race day off to a good start by arriving at the course a little early. Pro tips for determining when to leave the dock when small sailboat racing.
What did sailors learn during a rough Annapolis Newport Race that could inform future offshore sailing races? 
When asked why they love overnight racing on the Bay, Chesapeake region sailors give these five answer over and over again. 
Savvy one-design classes are making an effort to introduce young sailors to their boats—to create a bridge between junior sailing and adult one-design sailing.
Terry Hutchinson and his crew begin the all-important shakedown of men and machines prior to what is highly anticipated to be a very competitive fight for the Auld Mug, the oldest...