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Here is the calendar in progress for the larger sailboat racing events on the Chesapeake Bay the 2020 racing season.  
Several sailboat racing events in Annapolis and on the East Coast have brought the ORC rating rule to the forefront of racers' minds.
In a multiclass regatta, thinking several steps ahead can be the key to success, as can be trying low-risk maneuvers aimed at healthy competition. ~by Kim Couranz
Three years after integrating the internationally recognized rating rule into many of its signature racing events, AYC is giving ORC...
Southern Maryland Sailing Association (SMSA) has announced changes for the Screwpile Regatta 2020 that are going to get some very favorable attention from Chesapeake Bay...
Navy Varsity Offshore Sailing Team (VOST) head coach Jahn Tihansky on why his team proved to be so successful in 2019 on the race course.
To clear up any confusion about the SpinSheet Racing Team, here are our top nine misconceptions we hear about the team.
Here’s your SpinSheet Racing Roundup for the weekend of November 2-3, including the Kennedy Cup at the U.S. Naval Academy, Hampton Yacht Club Fall Fling, and a few frostbites.
Annapolis was a hotbed of racing activity last weekend from AYC’s Championships to Opti racing, while down south they “frostbite” raced. Here’s your racing roundup for the weekend of...