News for and about racing sailors on the Chesapeake Bay, a weekly roundup of a sailboat race results, the SpinSheet Racing Team and how you can join, expert tips from Quantum, and SpinSheet’s downloadable sailing regatta photos for purchase.

A report on the exciting SAILGP racing action in Sydney and a bizarre weather event that left the Canadian team’s boat and other F-50s severely damaged.
Giving each other enough space on the sailboat racing start line: you have to do it, it’s good for the fleet as a whole, and it’s good for you and your individual results.
To clear up any confusion about the SpinSheet Racing Team, here are our top eight misconceptions we hear about the team.
After hiking the Grand Canyon, a small boat racer leans into the hiking philosophy to Leave No Trace, and she encourages other sailors to join her.
We all want to win sailing races, but we want to have fun doing it. Here's how one Chesapeake Bay sailing team gets the job done and has fun too.
Monster waves and gale conditions marked the 2022 Sydney Hobart Race in which the American boat placed fourth. ~By Craig Ligibel
How to develop a sailboat racing game plan and under which sailing conditions to toss it out. ~By Kim Couranz
To ensure that you can enjoy all of the sailing that the New Year will have to offer, put in some time improving your fitness now!
For sailors who find the winter months a bit dull, the Caribbean offers a wide range of great regattas, and one of my favorites is Grenada Sailing Week.