News for and about racing sailors on the Chesapeake Bay, a weekly roundup of a sailboat race results, the SpinSheet Racing Team and how you can join, expert tips from Quantum, and SpinSheet’s downloadable sailing regatta photos for purchase.

Here’s your SpinSheet sailboat racing roundup for the weekend of August 8-11 on the Chesapeake Bay.
Here’s your SpinSheet racing roundup for August 2-4 on the Chesapeake Bay.
Competitors in the Bermuda 1-2, why they do it, skills they need, and how shorthanded sailing leads to lasting friendships with others.
The 475-mile-long biennial Annapolis to Newport Race 2019 was a rough ride, yet exhilarating for top finishers.
Racing Roundup July 27-29 (with Wow factor)
Especially if you’re new to sailing or to a certain kind of boat, why go to a big regatta if there’s only a very slim chance of winning?
Here’s your hot, hot racing roundup for the weekend of July 20-22 (yep, that includes today) on the Chesapeake
Find Solomons Current Charts Here for the Screwpile 2019
SUP racing, team racing, overnight racing... here's your racing roundup for July 13-14 on the Chesapeake and beyond.