Our Mission

The mission of SpinSheet Publishing Company is to be the go-to publications and websites for boaters and sailors of all levels who seek more fun and sport on the Chesapeake Bay. To achieve this we:

  • Focus on the Chesapeake and the people who love it every day.
  • Provide pertinent, timely regional news about on-the-water adventure, cruising, racing, daysailing, fishing, boatbuilding, the boating lifestyle, and new and old boating friends and families.
  • Promote active, water-related regional events that are open to the public.
  • Invite fellow sailors and boaters to contribute stories, photos, videos, and ideas to share the awesomeness of Bay recreation.
  • Bring together Chesapeake locals and visitors to get out more often on boats of all sizes, shapes, and colors to enjoy the water.
  • Take the Bay but not ourselves too seriously.