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If you want to cross an ocean on charter, consider charter sailing with a specialized outfit as part of the annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.
Over the years Croatia has emerged as a top holiday destination for Europeans and Americans alike. Croatia is a true sailing Mecca.
Members of The Sailing Club Inc. charter in the Caribbean each winter as they await warmer temperatures on the Chesapeake.
Must-Ask Q’s About Your Next Sailing Charter Vacation
Are catamarans really the cure for seasickness? Cats do have advantages, but when dealing with boats, it's always a compromise.
On Anegada, the charter traffic may be high at the top bars, but you may be the only one at the pristine beaches in between. 
Provisioning for a charter boat outing is an art, and the skill it takes to do it right shouldn’t be underestimated.
Chartering a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay can be a great way for you and your friends or family to have a perfect weekend escape, without straying too far from home.
Were I offered a chance to charter in a place I had been to before, hands-down I would pick Guadeloupe. More specifically, I’d choose to spend my days exploring Les Saintes and Marie-...