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Find a fresh perspective in Belize.
The Cyclades to the south of mainland Greece are spectacular. Two of those, Paros and Antiparos, should be on your list if you find yourself setting sail in this part of the world...
If you want to cross an ocean on charter, consider charter sailing with a specialized outfit as part of the annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.
Over the years Croatia has emerged as a top holiday destination for Europeans and Americans alike. Croatia is a true sailing Mecca.
Members of The Sailing Club Inc. charter in the Caribbean each winter as they await warmer temperatures on the Chesapeake.
Must-Ask Q’s About Your Next Sailing Charter Vacation
Are catamarans really the cure for seasickness? Cats do have advantages, but when dealing with boats, it's always a compromise.
On Anegada, the charter traffic may be high at the top bars, but you may be the only one at the pristine beaches in between. 
Provisioning for a charter boat outing is an art, and the skill it takes to do it right shouldn’t be underestimated.