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To celebrate International Women's Day March 8, why not plan a boating charter getaway that emboldens...
How to choose your charter vacation destination carefully if someone in your family is prone to seasickness. By Zuzana Prochazka
Your crew needs to know what to do if there is an emergency aboard.
The Bahamas Tourism Agency is quick to point out that major cruising grounds, including the pristine 365-island chain known as the Exumas, have been unaffected by the recent Category...
There are a number of factors that will impact your choice, and achieving the best balance between various tradeoffs will make the difference between a great vacation and an untenable...
Six Great Ideas for Chartering
Everyone expects to have nice weather on vacation but when spending a week on a bareboat charter, you’ll need to know more than just temperature and sunshine.
Cyclades offer beauty, variety, affordability, and lovely locals
You don’t have experience, or confidence, or a boat to practice on; you know enough to know you don’t know enough... so how do you start chartering?