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Trim and technique allow you to be the master of your sailboat when it gets windy, instead of the other way around.
While junior sailors get a lot of coaching—whether through high school programs or summer lessons and teams—opportunities for “grownups” to get coaching are fewer and farther between....
The scoop on sailboat racing, parties, and affordable hotel options at the 2023 Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge July 14-16.
This summer marks the 100th year of Star boats on the Chesapeake. On Gibson Island the annual J Rulon Miller Series for Stars unfolds June 23-25, which will be the...
Blue skies, blue water, steady breeze: what better way for a Chesapeake race crew to reunite after several years of separation?
Good sailing results are nice, but what really makes a life is how you live it: lessons learned from Gonzalo Diaz, Sr., who never stopped loving Snipes.
What's new at Charleston Race Week: boats, events, venues, a sailing documentary, and more, all while the tradition of excellent racing remains unchanged.
Set sail on Saturday, June 24 to help cure cancer in the Maryland Cures Cancer Regatta, previously known as the Maryland Leukemia Cup, a CBYRA-sanctioned event.
On Saturday, May 20, the Sailing Club of the Chesapeake (SCC) will once again host its spring regatta in Annapolis in support of the EWE Spirit Foundation.