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The winning bidder will be the first SailGP fan ever to ride on the world’s fastest sailing race boat during a grand prix event in 2021.
Quantum's video series will go on Facebook Live starting today, so click here for the week's schedule. 
Covid-19 forces cancellation of preliminary AC World Series Events
Where the crew positions itself is a huge component of boat speed on every point of sail.
TEAM USA finished a disappointing fifth in the kickoff of the second season of Sail GP contested last weekend...
Five Keys to Success for Racing Skippers
There's no sugarcoating it -- none of us is getting any younger. So to ensure that you can enjoy all of the sailing that 2018 will have to offer, put in some time improving your...
Quantum Sail Design Group's David Flynn takes a look at the Zen of becoming the ultimate crew to answer the eternal question: How do I become a better crew so I can get on good boats?
Several sailboat racing events in Annapolis and on the East Coast have brought the ORC rating rule to the forefront of racers' minds.