News for and about racing sailors on the Chesapeake Bay, a weekly roundup of a sailboat race results, the SpinSheet Racing Team and how you can join, expert tips from Quantum, and SpinSheet’s downloadable sailing regatta photos for purchase.

Thoughts on how to survive when you get caught out in a squall but want to keep on sailboat racing. ~By Dave Flynn of Quantum Sails
Talk about equitable access to a normal and healthy bodily function while sailboat racing. ~By Jordan Stock
One-design dinghy racing is a heck of a lot of fun. It’s even more fun when you share it with friends. 
Invite a junior, high school, or collegiate racing sailor to race with you in your one-design or big-boat program.
Eastport and Cambridge Yacht Clubs will host the new A2C Annapolis to Cambridge point to point sailboat race on Saturday, August 27.
The experienced hands know that winning sailboats must continuously be aware of the mixing of river currents and tidal flows, and how each of these flows moves through the shallows and...
Tips from racing sailors to help cruisers trim their sails and sail more effectively and faster. ~by David Flynn of Quantum Sails
For sailboats with shrouds and stays, measuring and “tuning” your rig is key.
There are lots of ways to lose a sailboat race or regatta, but some of the classic mistakes that will really cost you big can be avoided.