Quantum Sail Design Group’s David Flynn takes a look at the Zen of sailing better and faster in his series, “The Racers Edge.”

The begininngs of a basic glossary of confusing sailboat racing terms frequently used on the racecourse. ~by David Flynn of Quantum Sails
It is not always easy to have the right sail up at the right time. Invariably the breeze ends up dropping or building unexpectedly, and we all know how painful a sail change can be.
Specialty sails, onboard weight, trimming upwind, and downwind technique for light wind cruising sailing. ~By David Flynn of Quantum Sails
When sailboat racing in light wind, consider these tips about attitude, race committee, pressure, and starts by Quantum Sails David Flynn.
Trim and technique allow you to be the master of your sailboat when it gets windy, instead of the other way around.
The boat speed puzzle beyond the numbers: stay open-minded and ready to adapt to unusual conditions.
Thoughts on how to survive when you get caught out in a squall but want to keep on sailboat racing. ~By Dave Flynn of Quantum Sails
Tips from racing sailors to help cruisers trim their sails and sail more effectively and faster. ~by David Flynn of Quantum Sails
There are lots of ways to lose a sailboat race or regatta, but some of the classic mistakes that will really cost you big can be avoided.