Adding a connector or extension panel between your dodger and bimini is a great way to give your crew some protection from the elements while on the water.
Unplugged, isolated, and small may seem like a bad way to start a family outing, but Tangier Island...
Sailing to Tangier Island and gaining local knowledge, experiencing its watery streets, and doing things "the old way." ~by Cindy Wallach
In a multiclass regatta, thinking several steps ahead can be the key to success, as can be trying low-risk maneuvers aimed at healthy competition. ~by Kim Couranz
“When’s SpinSheet Skating Night?” Tonight! Wednesday January 22 from 6-9 p.m. Here are our most frequently asked questions about this lighthearted winter event:
In sailing, as in life, happiness is a decision, not a circumstance, one that doesn’t have to manifest itself as giddy or elated. Happy is being at peace with yourself and with the...
Any serious discussion regarding offshore cruising boats needs to include the domestically built Valiant 42
Looking for a boat to sail on? Need some crew? SpinSheet’s Crew Parties are for anyone who’d like to connect with other sailors and sail more often.
Is your vessel equipped with the appropriate safety gear? Whether you’re sailing nearshore, along the coast, or offshore, we take a look at the varying levels of safety essentials.