Six Secrets to Success at SpinSheet Crew Parties

Six Tips for Sailors for Finding Sailng Opportunites or Crew at SpinSheet Crew Parties

The first rule of SpinSheet Crew Parties is don’t talk about SpinSheet Crew Parties… but do show up! Since 1996 the goal of SpinSheet’s signature spring events has been to connect sailors. No matter your sailing skill level, it’s a great place to find a boat to sail on or crew for your own boat. All three of our SpinSheet Crew Parties are free and open to the public. Here are six ways to succeed at our big events:

sailors crew party
At SpinSheet Crew Parties, sailors find new sailing opportunities, whether finding crew for their own boat or a new boat to sail on.

1. Don’t be late. SpinSheet Crew Parties last for two hours (dates and times below). Those who arrive late may miss out on making great connections. If you’re shy about coming alone, bring a friend or two. Beginners are welcome. Entry is free.

2. Just wear it. We offer nametags at the door. When everyone has a nametag on, it’s easier to introduce yourselves and remember sailing acquaintances’ names.

3. Assess your goals. Are you a boat owner looking for crew? Are you looking for a sailboat to take day sails on? Are you hoping to get into racing yet have little experience? Are you still unsure what kind of sailing will suit you? You will meet party goers in all of these categories. Our advice is come to the party! There will be a lot of sailors there with different interests who can lead you in the right direction, as well as exhibitors from regional sailing organizations who want to meet you.

captain boomies sailing party
Oh, did we mention that all of our parties for sailors are fun, free, and open to the public?

4. Bring cash. Although party entry is free, at all three of our parties you will find a cash bar for adult beverages and soft drinks.

5. Smart phones are smart. At our big Annapolis party there will be a Boat Board, showing boat photos and contact information for boat owners seeking crew. You may snap photos of prospective boats and their corresponding skipper information. You may also want your phone to gather numbers or information. Some sailors use business or boat cards and/or pads of paper—whatever works!

6. Be yourself. These are casual flip-flops or sailing shoes, jeans or shorts, baseball cap types of events. Super casual. Come as yourself.

herrington harbour sailors
Sailing friends from Herrington Harbour showed up in force for our 2023 Annapolis party at Eastport YC looking out at the Chesapeake Bay.

Crew Party Dates

Hampton, VA—Saturday, April 6 from 6-8 p.m. at Marker 20.

Annapolis, MD—Sunday, April 28 from 4-6 p.m. at Eastport Yacht Club (EYC). Includes live steel drum music by the Geckos. Held outdoors rain or shine. (Do not park in the EYC lot. Park on the street.)

Solomons, MD—(PAST) Sorry you missed it! The fun party took place Sunday, March 10 from 4-6 p.m. at the Southern Maryland Sailing Association. If you’d like to learn more about crewing in Solomons or joining the club email [email protected].

Free Online Crew Finder

Be sure to sign up for or update your information in our free Crew Finder database. Prospective boat owners and/or crew members will find you there… and don’t forget to stay active and reach out to make new friends once you’re signed up.