SpinSheet Crew Parties

UPDATE: All SpinSheet Crew Parties Have Been Canceled   :-(   :-(   :-( 

It probably doesn't come as a surprise right now, but we have had to cancel all of the 2020 SpinSheet Crew Parties due to the CV-19 outbreak. However, we strongly urge you to use our Crew Finder database to create a profile to find or be crew this season. We also have our Crew Finder Facebook Group that will help you quickly connect with many other SpinSheet fans who are trying to get out on the water. 

Thank you for your understanding!


No boat? No crew? No problem!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to sailing or you’ve been around boats your whole life—SpinSheet’s Crew Parties are for anyone who’d like to connect with other sailors and sail more often. Typically held in the spring in Solomons, MD, Hampton, VA, and Annapolis, MD, our Crew Parties are free and open to all experience levels. We hope to meet you at one of SpinSheet’s Crew Parties!  Stayed tuned for updates!

SpinSheet's Crew Finder

SpinSheet’s Crew Finder is for sailors of all levels who’d like to meet other sailors and sail more often. Here you can find sailors looking for boats to sail on as well as boats looking for crew. Click below to create your profile and start looking for crew. 

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If you have already created your crew/boat profile, click here to find a boat or crew:

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Sailors mingle at the Eastport Yacht Club during SpinSheet's 2018 Annapolis Crew Party powered by Musto, Harken, and Curtis Stokes.​​​​