News for and about cruising sailors, their regional clubs and club directory, the 100-day SpinSheet Century Club challenge, and favorite sailing destinations on the Chesapeake Bay.

For the determined and financially-savvy 20- or 30-something, finding the time, money, and experience to start living aboard and cruising full time is possible. I went on a four-month...
There is a certain rhythm a sailor achieves in a DIY boatyard, a logic-loop of deployment, use, and subsequent stowing-away of tools and supplies, a balance between projects and...
Five tips for keeping your cruising dinghy where you want it to stay while out sailing or having fun on shore.
There are few feelings more satisfying than being anchored off a white sand beach while storms howl at home. Yet, winter charters require careful consideration, because like any...
A cruising family decides to be travelers, not tourists, in a six-month stay in Luperon, Domincan Republic. ~By Cindy Wallach
Delivery skippers visit cool places, meet great people, and have experiences that allow them to learn and grow as a person.
Chesapeake catboat sailors share their anchorage secrets for those sailing shallow draft boats. ~By Craig Ligibel
Casting Off Your Lines for Cruising Adventures
As the dog days of summer are upon us, these tips will help you keep your decks, cabin, and crew cool, making your sailing experience more enjoyable for everyone.