Marblehead to Halifax Update

 Photo courtesy of the Marblehead to Halifax Race Facebook Page

You know, it has to be hard to be George David. I mean, you beat the pants off everyone race after race after race. You're nursing a post-hangover hangover by the time everyone else is finishing. But even with the fastest boat on the race course, everyone still corrects over you. I mean, you can only enjoy the title "Line Honours" so much. Sometimes it'd be nice to see the words "1st in IRC Overall" below your boat name, am I right?

Anyway, yeah. So, pity George David. Maybe. Or not.

The Marblehead to Halifax took off on July 7, with 75 boats attempting to complete the 363-mile course. Rambler held a consistent lead, staying below rhumb and much more offshore than the rest of the fleet. While they were initially set to finish around 8 p.m. on Monday night, the winds died and killed that plan. Rambler finished just around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning. Donnybrook has been steadily chipping away at the lead, though, and if they continue doing what they're doing (9.5 knots with 5.5 nautical miles to go) they should finish within the next 45 minutes.


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