NASS Race to Oxford 2015 Photos and Results

With 130 boats entered, the NASS Race to Oxford had to be one of the biggest distances on the Bay this year. It was wet and windy, that's for sure, and racers were sent on a 28.9 nautical mile course from Annapolis to Oxford.

The CHESSS class made another appearance on the Bay after last weekend's Labor Day Regatta, and it was great to see the three single-handed skippers cross the finish line. Craig and Dotty Saunders were out with their two kids after winning the SpinSheet Junior Trophy at last week's regatta. Nice work to everyone who finished: hope there was a dry set of clothes to change into. Yesterday's sailing more than made up for any discomfort you might have been made to sit through...

Donnybrook was the first over the line just after 2 p.m., with the rest of the fleet rounding up by 5 p.m., just in time for a hot toddy.

All photos are by the ridiculously talented Dan Phelps for SpinSheet. Check out the full gallery here. Full results for all sailors are below.

Alberg 30:

  1. Argo; Williams, T.C.
  2. Laughing Gull; Adams, Jonathan
  3. Second 2 Nun; Gambler, Harry DNF

Beach Cat:

  1. Prawn; Pitts, Colin
  2. The Expletive; Geiger, John
  3. Bovine; Baker, John
  4. Skinny Sheila; Seremetis, Constantine
  5. S.S. Marion Barry; Peil, John
  6. Aguila; Harper, Steven
  7. Arete; Carter, Sam DNF (Capsized)
  8. Catdog; Poulton, Scott DNF


  1. Off the Hook; Dunigan Jr., Robert
  2. DIANTHUS; Tabor, David
  3. CAPRICORN; Sarrafian, Arsho
  4. Vee two One; Oliver, John DNF
  5. Sea Dragon; Bennett, Garner DNF, OCS
  6. Trouble No Trouble; Gray, Brian DNF
  7. Team Wichard; Hultzer, Vernon DNF
  8. Coyote; Griner, Richard DNF


  1. Anneliese; Zebleckes, Joe
  2. Nichols' Quarters; Nichols, F. Scott
  3. Reveille; Anderson, John
  4. Resolute; Adams, David
  5. PHYXIUS; Sampson, Jim
  6. Celerity; Lober, Rick
  7. Orion; Opert, Jon
  8. Scrimshaw; Deakyne, Douglas DNF


  1. Wind River; Elert, Mark
  2. Breakaway; Hinds, Richard
  3. Froya; Lawrence, Chuck
  4. Better Mousetrap; Putnam, Robert
  5. Rum Puppy; Biddle/USMA, Jackson
  6. Chessie; Kircher, John
  7. Allegiance; Robbins, MIDN 2/C Matt


  1. AVITA; Watson, thomas
  2. Cannonball 2.0; Wallop, Doug
  3. Rag doll; Lundahl, Rob
  4. Mary Lou; McGill, Kathleen & Michael
  5. Insatiable; Anderson, Ron
  6. Avenger; Johnson, David
  7. IMP; Giaccone, Giuseppe


  1. Aunt Jean; christofel, jerry
  2. BZing; Travis, Benjamin
  3. Rebel Yell; Hamburger, Joel
  4. Maggie; Scheidt, Peter DNF
  5. T-Bone; Artman, Bruce DNF

Multihull A:

  1. Temple of the Wind; Dykman, Douglas
  2. OrgaZmatron Colwell, Josh
  3. triple threat; Lyons, Tim

Multihull B:

  1. Entourage; Carver, Ben
  2. Seize the Bay; Black, James
  3. Gemini; Glover, Jere
  4. Bay Wings; Enderle, John
  5. Wind Play; Stoffregen, Dana
  6. Esterel; Daly, Michael DNF
  7. Endurance; SHORT, JEFFREY DNF


  1. Donnybrook; Muldoon, James


  1. Saykadoo; McManus, Stephen
  2. Windborn; Born, Richard
  3. Amadeus; Yaissle, Jack
  4. Velocity; Roesch, Martin
  5. Darkhorse; McCreight, David
  6. Whatshername; Sossamon, Dave
  7. Magic Dragon; Poff, David
  8. Muskrat; Iliff, Nick DNF


  1. Smoky; Zantzinger, Richard
  2. Tenacious; Morris, MIDN 1/C Charlie
  3. Brave; Doherty, MIDN 2/C Ethan
  4. MONKEY DUSTSaunders, Craig
  5. Gallant; Niketas, MIDN 1/C Jackson
  6. Defiance; Woods, MIDN 1/C Nick
  7. Apparition; Bowes, Stephen
  8. Ariel; Eichler, Eric
  9. Xiberger; Mangold, Harald
  10. Airmail; Hublitz, Marty
  11. RESOLUTE; Albert, Francis
  12. Jubilee; Mayes, Keith
  13. Poco A Poco; Owens, Nate
  14. Bandit; Rossi, Daniel
  15. Integrity; Wester, MIDN 1/C Tom
  16. Kristany; Harvey, Glenn
  17. Bingo!; Callahan, Sean
  18. Canvas Caper; Frix, Andy
  19. No Name; Crooke, Elliott
  20. Legacy; Taylor, Mark
  21. Cimarron; McClaskey, Lynn
  22. ReJoyce; Glackin, Dennis
  23. Capricorne; Givry, Laurent
  24. Fast Forward; Lewis, Dan
  25. Logos; Syme, Tony
  26. Invincible; Danko, Michael
  27. Rhumb Rhunner; Coney, Roger
  28. Smoke & Mirrors; Snow, Rick
  29. Errant Belle; Strauss, Mike DNF
  30. Supra; D'Arista, Peter DNF
  31. Winter; Gorenstein, Nathan DNF


  1. Incommunicado; Polk, Tracey
  2. Flyer; Abbott, Doug
  3. Parrot Head; Ressler, Aaron
  4. Dulany; Addison, Joseph
  5. Gabrielle; Dymond, Bob1
  6. Grey Ghost; Parish, Philip
  7. Starbird; Martien, Frank
  8. Cantata; Chalkley, Henry
  9. Endeavor; Howard, Stephen
  10. Elusive; Helmkamp, Chris
  11. Tackless; Hopkins, Joseph
  12. Project Mayhem; Young, Steve DNF
  13. High Cotton; Lauser, Dave DNF


  1. Odyssey; Shiff, David
  2. Heyday; Drain, Shepherd
  3. Gitana; McCullough, David
  4. Vivace; Newlin, Peter
  5. Shuang Hsi; Cummings, Joe
  6. Chaos; Sarratt, Curtis
  7. OPUS; Guckes, Fred


  1. Eclipse; Toner, Stephen
  2. Cheap Sunglasses; Buck, Irv
  3. Skylark; Decker, Brad
  4. Touche; Dickey, Robert