Sailor's Christmas Cookies

Sailors are bakers, too! And we have sailboats on our cars, our jackets, our bags, our iPhone cases, heck - even our bodies. Why not put some sailboats on our cookies? We've scoured the internet and come up with some really great creative ideas for nautically inspired holiday baking projects. You'll be the hit of your fleet's holiday get together with any one of these.

Sand Dollar Sables

sand dollar sables
These are perhaps our favorite due to their simplicity. Sables are light and delicious little cookies that you can eat 50 of without getting fat.

Lifering Meringues

Meringues are also a wonderful non-caloric Christmas treat! Making them look like liferings makes for a delicious treat that also communicates to your guests a dedication to safety. It says, "I'm responsible, yet whimsical."

The Gingerbread Pirate Ship

This incredible and ornate pirate ship says to your guests, "I'm a very detail-oriented person full of creativity and determination. Please do not touch anything you see in my home."

Deviled Egg Sailboats

This is a really clever way of getting your kids to eat something that they would otherwise complain is totally disgusting.

Sailboat Christmas Cookies

There are many sailboat cookie examples out there, but we use this one to illustrate just how easy it is to screw up a sailboat on a cookie. Which way's that flag flying? How far back is that mast? If you're looking for cookies that are perfect little sailboats, we present these, from the same baker, as an illustration.

Shell Cookies

These are harder to screw up, but just as adorable. These say to your guests, "I have an identical batch of cookies at my beach house. Did I tell you I have a beach house? But it's booked solid for the next ten years."

The Gingerbread Light House

This is the kind of thing that says to your friends, "I had knee surgery over the holidays." But it's still way more cooler than the standard old gingerbread house.